I try to use as many non-toxic, natural, and plant-based cleaning products as I can. I don’t feel good dumping pollutants into the waterways just so that my home can sparkle. I don’t want to use self-scrubbing and foaming products just to avoid having to really use my body. I like when products smell nice, but not at the expense of health.

I set aside three hours every week (usually on Sundays) to smoke a j, turn on a record, and deep clean my apartment, myself, and all my things.

For scrubs, I use machine-washable towels, sponges, and brushes. I make all my own products and use glass packaging to avoid contributing to the unconscionable plastic consumption in this nation.

Some products to avoid are enumerated below:

  1. Air Fresheners: artificial scents tend to be made from toxic chemicals that can irritate allergies and poison the water source. Many store-bought cleaning products have air fresheners built into them. Rather than scented cleansers, make your own cleaning products and deep clean – this should rectify any odor issues you may be having in your home.
  2. Corrosive drain/toilet/oven cleaning products are terrible for the environment – they can chew right through your pipes, imagine what they can do to your skin before they enter the pipes and the waterways after they exit.
  3. Bleaches and ammonias can cause some lung distress and skin irritation.