Clean Eating Habits

  1. One way to maintain a balanced diet, is to balance each meal. This sounds obvious but it’s amazing how many people think that they can only have carbs or fat or sugar at one meal per day. This will only make you crave it more often. I suggest balancing every meal with protein, carbohydrates, and good fats in equal and responsible measure.
  2. Limit the obvious things: fat, sugar, and salt.
  3. And finally – and this is the one that so many people have a hard time with – alcohol has literally no nutritional value. It does damage to nearly every system in the body, it’s expensive, it’s bad for the brain and the body, and it’s generally not clean. Think briefly about how much PROCESSING goes into alcohol. Clean eating is mostly about limiting the processing of your food, because processing is largely what removes the nutritional value from what you consume. So, I’m not saying to quit alcohol cold turkey, but maybe limit the amount consumed and find a healthy replacement like THC, CBD, or microdosing mushrooms.