Clean Eating and Lifestyle

Clean eating will make a noticeable difference in your quality of life, happiness, and energy level. This is a great step to self-improvement and it is a commendable goal towards which to work.

Once you’ve got that down and you’re feeling your energy level rise, I suggest coming up with a health exercise routine. I’m not suggest bootcamp, soulcycle, or weight lifting – unless that’s your thing and then, absolutely yes. I’m merely suggesting taking a walk every morning, stretching before bed, getting familiar with the way that your body works. What are your limits? Where are you strongest? Where do you want to get stronger? Are you fast? How fast do you want to be?

Little steps are so important when establishing an exercise routine and it’s largely about being consistent. Take a walk at the same time every day. Stretch at the same time every day. Get your body used to expecting something. Skip it when you have to. Go double when you’re feeling it. And boost your distance or speed as you’re able.