Essential Oils

Maintaining a clean, healthy, and environmentally responsible home can also be an aromatherapeutic experience. Any of these oils can be added to some standard vinegar cleaning solutions to create the scent profile you desire in your home.

Tea tree oil and lemon oils create a clean and fresh soundscape. They can be combined to deodorize a fridge or shoe closet, wipe down the floors to create a sparkle. Rosemary is a great antiseptic with a deep herbal scent, it’s great for a load of laundry. Lavender is universally considered among the most relaxing scents – I recommend using it on your bedding and in your bedroom, this being the most zen space in the home. Once a year I combine eucalyptus and lavender oils to create a scrub for my mattress. It keeps my bed fresh and tidy all year long.

Because essential oils can stain some textiles, I advise always testing a small portion of a surface before applying oils to it. You won’t have any need for Febreze or other fabric and air refresher sprays if you keep a tidy home with natural cleaners and essential oils.