Clean Eating for Nutrition

Clean eating is a reflection of principles, but also a reflection of a dedication to self-care. Our bodies need certain elements to be healthy and at their most productive. While many of us choose to meet our nutritional needs by shopping at GNC, which is a fine choice and works for many folks, I’d like to discuss some of the ways that clean eating can eliminate the need to take supplements or vitamins.

  1. I suggest eliminating processed foods as much as possible from the diet. No fast food, no microwave meals, no packaged chemical-laden snacks, and nothing generally unidentifiable. This will ensure that you’re eating fresh whole foods rich in nutrients and vitamins.
  2. Because fresh whole foods can be less filling than high protein animal products and overly processed options, you may feel yourself needing to eat more and more often. I suggest planning about 6 small meals throughout a day, all of which a good combination of protein-rich legumes, fruits, vegetables, and limited carbohydrates.
  3. I try to never suggest eliminating sugar intake – but instead, consuming responsible sugars in limited quantities. Honey and maple syrup are great options for a healthy responsible sugar fix.
  4. And finally, talk with your primary care provider about running a blood panel and seeing where you are nutrient deficient. There may be lots of ways to meet those deficiencies but not if you don’t know what they are!