Open Windows

While cleaning, regardless of the temperature or season, I keep my windows open and my ceiling fans turning. Often, my apartment doesn’t necessarily feel dirty, it just feels closed up and claustrophobic. Especially a few months into winter, when my windows have been sealed up for weeks, no fresh air has come in, no stale air has gone out, it’s like living in a closed up little box and it’s not mentally or physically healthy.

So while cleaning, I open all the windows and turn on the fan to create an air exchange system.

The fresh air is good for your health and introduces necessary allergens and irritants into your environment. Allowing the trapped air back out into the world cleanses the air inside. And the fans help to blow it all around, bring up settled dust so you can vacuum or dust it up.

It’s also a change to turn off your HVAC heating or cooling for an hour or two, let the system rest and clean out a little bit – saving energy and a little bit of money.