Houseplants are another great way to keep your home feeling fresh and clean. Many have air cleaning properties, they add a natural element to a home, and they are fun to tend to! While some houseplants like orchids or bonsai trees may require a ton of maintenance, some are simple and communicative! Below is a list of some of the simpler houseplants to maintain. Once you get the hold of these, you may be ready to upgrade to something with more personality.

  1. Succulents are super trendy little desert plants. One reason they’re so trendy is that they require very little maintenance. Set them up in a nice little sunny spot and give them minimal water once a month or so. Succulents are desert plants meaning they don’t take much water. Jades are perhaps the most famous succulents, growing big thick trunks and plump little leaves. They also make great gifts!
  2. The ZZ plant can tolerate low light and needs water once a week or so. It grows high straight branches ornate with little teardrop shaped waxy glossy leaves. It’s simple, easy to maintain, and a beautiful addition to any décor.
  3. Pothos is a long, bright green vine plant that grows heart-shaped leaves of various sizes. They require direct sun, weekly watering, and frequent pruning. Don’t let this scare you off – pruning the pothos plant actually helps her grow bigger and better. Plus, clippings can be put into a jar of water until they sprout fresh roots and then replanted in new dirt. It’s a great holiday or housewarming gift! And finally, the pothos plant can purify the air of formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide while also helping to minimize odors. Like many millennials, pohtos plants can thrive on neglect!
  4. And finally, the peace lily is a really easy houseplant to keep alive. When she’s not blooming, she features long, tropical bright green leaves that droop noticeably when she’s thirsty so she’s good at letting you know when she needs attention. And when she’s blooming, she features grand white elegant quite lilies.